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    “Why?” I asked. “Surely Goths would want those rooms more than the others?”

    “No, they're too nonconformist to be nonconformist in such a
    conformist way,” said Iago. “It's a weak attempt to assert some individuality. Pathetic, really; if you really want to show people that you're different, you're better off becoming a serial killer.”
    Oh, I laughed my head off at that quote. I really don't know know if you intended to do this or not, but that quote just reminded me of a character I wrote about - a goth trainer who moonlights as a serial killer.

    I was wondering when Stephanie was going to make her appearance. You know, I wonder how many of the things that she mentioned are relevant to this plot...and I also wonder how many things she didn't mention.

    Bond - is - freaking - awesome. He totally needs a new job, but I'm guessing that in spite of his thoughts, he wouldn't want to leave Ellen behind. He's just a really calm, tolerant, selfless, and believable character.

    Tristan can't figure out that his own Croagunk would kill the person they're trying to kidnap, but he can build a complex bomb in a matter of seconds. Go figure.

    There's one confusing thing about the Galactic duo scene:

    “Nearly done,” replied Tristan, twisting two pieces of wire together and pressing them down into the casing. “OK?”

    “Yeah.” Liza sat down on an empty packing case and watched him work for a while. It was quite remarkable really; Tristan might be a moron, but his skills as a bombsmith were unmatched. Was that a word? Bombsmith? If not, she decided, it should be. Anyway, she'd never seen such a complex bomb as he was making constructed so swiftly and with such accuracy; Liza was no slouch in the field herself, and she knew that the machine taking shape before her was good. “You dry yet?”

    “No,” admitted Liza, glancing down at her soaking boots. “You?”

    “No.” Liza looked around and drummed her fingers on the wall impatiently.
    It's just a bit vague as to who's speaking in the bolded part. Is it Liza or Tristan?

    Anyway, you're far from the only person who hates Wake. I can tolerate him, at least; I've never had real problems with him, since I use Luxray a fair bit. I think the only gym leader I hate beyond all reason is Whitney. Damn you, Miltank! Stop abusing stomp, attract, and milk drink, you fat, ugly cow! Just let me win for once!

    ...Sorry about that off-topic tangent.

    Anyway, things are just starting to get interesting. I'll be waiting for the next chapter.



    Edit: If this review seems weird, it's likely because I wrote it at four in the morning. My apologies.
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