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Originally Posted by SkittishHeart View Post
After some time of stalking this thread, I've finally mustered enough guts to post an intro sort of thing. So, um, hello. :3 I'm pretty new to this forum but not to role-playing. I wish to improve my writing skills through RPs, so here I am. :D Anyway, will the casual RP that you guys were talking about still happen? Oh, and Akio? I'm interested in your RP as well.
Hi! Glad to see that a new face found her way here. The best way of improving your skills is to simply sign up for something and play until you get the hang of it. Most players here are helpful and nice, whether you are new or an oldie, so don't hesitate to ask if there is something you don't understand. If it's a general RP question, you can ask here. If it's a question about a specific RP, it's better to ask in that RPs OOC thread or to ask the GM directly.

Don't know if that casual thingy will kick off, but if you are looking for RPs to join, a good way is to check the latest posts in this thread: Subscribe to it, and you'll get notified when new roleplays come up :3

You can also take a look in this thread to see what different kinds of RPs we have.

I hope you'll find something that suits you and that you will have fun around here.