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    Originally Posted by WestsideConnection View Post
    So, would anyone be interested in the casual RP that was mentioned last page? If so, I have a few plot/setting ideas, (ALL OF THEM SUCK) which concentrate on character development and are platforms for experienced RP'ers to help new faces.

    Idea 1 (Based on concepts of Harvest Moon)

    The characters are set in a small village, where hard work is done by hand and the place is self sufficient. Replace the tractors, machines and power tools with hand tools, animal-controlled plows and simple devices. The people have some technology, like electricity. (Not used for farming, woodworking or anything else except lighting houses and businesses, and powering heating and cooling. Each character and NPC has a role to play (Take out the 'to' and you get roleplay, UCWHTIDIDTHER) in making the village self-sufficent and functioning well. The characters would be farmers, ranchers, woodworkers, fishermen, store owners etc. .

    Idea 2:

    The Characters here are in the world of Pokemon, throughout Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova (We would start in Kanto, then expand if enough interest is around) and play as the people of the Pokemon world, having lifestyles like trainers, breeders, Pokemon nurses, gym leaders, and etc. . You would be free to explore, not bound by a pushing towards a goal by your standard "evil teams" although you can still journey if you please. You can interact as teams, friends, posses and even form "evil teams" if you wish. The choice is up to the character.

    Idea 3:

    The characters start out by surviving a plane crash. The land on a un-settled island, the only presence being the animals that inhabit this tropical jungle above the ocean and you, the ones who survived the crash. All you have is what was on your person and the plane. Realizing that help may still be a long time away, you decide to create shelter on the island, hoping to survive until you found help. The characters would be normal people who have found themselves cast off. It is your responsibility as a group, or alone if you choose, to get enough to eat, enough water to drink, and get a shelter over your head.

    Anyways, do you as the community think any of these would work? If so, which one(s)?
    Wow I would be really interested in idea 2 or 3 i would sign up for anyone of those. It's always nice to have rps that offer you freedom.