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    Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post

    Not for the faint-hearted lol:
    Yeah, I believe that's the only reason, hahaha. He's well-built, has sexy green eyes, and wears a delicious-looking outfit. Oh, and that moustache. Ooh yeah. XD

    What do you think about the fact that we have a Dragon-type champion again?
    Honestly, I'm fine with it. It's not like we have a Dragon-type champion every single time. Besides, Iris is a young, fresh, new female champion, so it isn't repetitive at all. I feel that she is also there to highlight and contrast with Alder's age and seniority.

    If that's the case, how do you feel that Iris has taken the Dragon Champion role instead of Drayden, who could had possibly been even scarier & maybe even more threatening? I personally think they both have their pros & cons, but I want to see what everyone else thinks about this.
    Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
    Dragons usually have scale, rough skin. Which Dragon Pokemon do you think does NOT have a scale, rough skin?
    Altaria! :D They have fluffy clouds as their body, hence I don't think they would have a scaly, rough skin. o__o And yes, I agree with that about Reshiram. I imagine its fur to be soft and furry. *__*
    So with Dragons been known as possibly only with this type of skin, do you think Lati@s, Reshiram & Altaria are somewhat rip-offs for the Dragon race? Or are they good examples to show that Dragons can come in different style for the better?

    this is not for just Halcyon, everyone can answer too!