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    Hi, I'm Kevin. I've had many me what you will. 18, almost 19 from the United States. When it comes to games..I'd say rpgs and shmups are my favorites. I really like the Touhou series. I love reading fanfiction, it's somewhat of a guilty pleasure. Hm..other hobbies... I play Magic the Gathering. I'm fairly open about most things, but certain things require trust as a result of some bad things in the past.. I'm in college studying Business Administration (I realize it sounds boring to many, but I'm chasing a dream :D). I don't have any perfect traits I'm seeking as no one is perfect really..

    Other interests: dreams, paranormal stuff, gothic, pastel, and lolita fashion, some manga..mostly romance and such, weird movies

    For music...industrial, metal, that sort of thing.

    Anyways, that's enough for now.

    Name: Kevin
    Pair: Romantic (M) (Pansexual)
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