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    Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
    Perhaps the rise in skepticism in scientific fact directly correlates with the failures of the educational system since the 80's. Fundamentalism takes hold in times of crisis or uncertainty.
    Not saying you're wrong, but I'd just like to know some of those specific educational failures in the 80's compared to education before then. I personally think that while education has always been a VERY flawed institution, you could argue that education itself has gotten better with new technologies that grant us access to more knowledge. In fact, since World War II, colleges (and I believe high schools) based a core curriculum (Columbia University and West Point for example) directly in response to threats to U.S. security, so the importance of education should be correlated with its improvement. But now I'm more interested in what you think!

    As for the question, I think Triforce has touched on the point about free-thinking and skepticism, and I think this is the reason for the skepticism of science. And it's not just science, either; with information coming at this society's generation at full speed from all kinds of directions and media, everyone from our parents to our teachers told us not to believe what you see on TV or the internet. It wasn't always a given that media would lie to us; this idea was actually heavily and ubiquitously reinforced by the Vietnam War, disillusioned vast amounts of American citizens and was a lesson to them to be more skeptical of the practices of their government and the media that can easily be manipulated based on personal or national interests. Naturally, the next question we would ask is then what could we believe? Even the most credible institution of science and its methodologies are doubted because of the media through which we receive this information.

    I think when you get right down to it, it's all about trust, which we've been taught to have little of when we learn. It's a confusing idea, which is why we're confused about science.
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