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Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post

You know I would have posted here earlier if you'd updated your sig faster. It's always important to keep things updated. Anyway, nice screen, I like the idea of being able to play as Lyra. Will all of the cute things her Pokemon do in HG/SS happen still? The other features sound ok, but you should really give more information. If you want to keep it tidy then just do it like in my sig.

I'm not sure if her Pokemon will do the same thing :P
I will update info about the features right after this post.

Originally Posted by Tranitar View Post
This is looking very cool, dispite the long first post by that one guy, I like the story line but, Why is your rival in that region and why would he run after them? (I didnt read it very well)
But anyway, this is looking awesome, When the Demo Is realeased I am defenitally going to Test It.
The storyline is being worked on lol. Thanks to Yuoaman for helping me :D
Um, thanks for inviting yourself to be a Beta tester -.-

Here's a slightly edited quote from Calis Projects Forum

Well, here's a new update ^.^

And the storyline is also being worked on (Major Thanks to Yuoaman for helping me)

I have been working on the Battle System graphics. Which seems to be a bad time since PokemonOI just showcased his take on the 5th Gen Battle system.
Ah, enough chit-chat. Here is the Battle System screenshot.

Credit to Spaceemotion for the 5th Gen Graphics

I also want to welcome a new member to the team: Ice-God

He is the Co-Spriter for Turquoise (We both sprite)
He created the first gym leader for the Sintec Region.
Her name is Oraline (Or-uh-line) :P
She has all bug-type Pokemon.
The sprite is also still being worked on lol.