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    Originally Posted by SneakerTheOtter View Post
    Latias isn't bad, but Latios looks like it's been made bigger. It's also very blocky and not tidied up.

    Also on second thoughts, Latias and Latios could possibly fit into 16x16. I'll try that first, and if it works, then I'm afraid I won't be using either of these, sorry. But if I can't get them into 16x16, I might be using Latias =D

    k,but i'll try regis in 16x16..oh wait that's impossible
    EDIT:Here are the regis(they're in attachments)
    I couldn't find a free imagehosting web I don't like registering in any of those,tinypic only uploads it to jpg which is bad..
    btw,regis in 16x16 is not possible!Oh they shouldn't look resized now cuz they're smaller than 32x32 if u selected it in a smaller image,but if u make it a little bigger they fit 32x32 perfectly. :D

    oh check this out:
    My new account. :3