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    Main Information:
    Name: Neil Richard Stevens

    Age: 21

    Height: 5'6"/1.68metres

    Weight: 70 kg/11stone

    Location: Egyptian Desert

    Atlantean Tattoo: A bronze scorpion covering the entirety of his back

    Physical: Neil has naturally pale skin but spends a lot of time in the sun so he has developed a strong perma-tan that fades quickly if he is out of the heat for two many days in a row. He has grown a short brown beard, the same colour as his hair, that while not unkempt he is not particularly attentive too. His eyes are the same rich green as his younger brother Archie however while on Archie they have an uncanny quality on Neil they are not in contrast but in keeping with his appearance. He is well muscled and in good shape due to hard work under the sun.

    Clothing: He has a liking for desert khaki’s and while he is in the desert will wear shorts in this style with a white sleaveless vest and a heavy rucksack filled mostly with water. He is never as at home in the city where he dons airy blue jeans and atleast goes to the effort of pulling on a denim jacket over his vest. He is never without his heavy, leather walking boots which he has variously claimed are made of camel, snake or lion leather depending on how drunk he was at the time. They are well broken in so that he can walk and practically live in them for days on end. He glosses them in brown regularly, replaces the laces at the first sign of damage and has added steel toecaps just in case. Anyone who says they are imitation leather faces his wrath.

    Personality: Neil is very clever but some people have some choice words about him. Lazy, waster or bum are common polite ones. These people think he wastes his talents and intellect which he does but he is by no means lazy. He prefers to do manual or field work and thinks as he does it. He can sit in his office for days boredly staring at the ceiling and not achieve as much in the realms of contemplation as a good days hard work would do.

    He is perhaps something of a bum though. He gets a cheap kick out of sleeping in run down hotels, roadside cafes, airports or gutters when he is on fieldwork. This is perhaps a show of rebellion against his structured upbringing. He also likes to act deep and tranquil as though his travels have brought him some revelation about the nature of the universe and life.

    History: Neil is Archie’s older brother and grew up in the same rigidly structured household at a stage when the structure was still taking shape. This meant that despite the consistency aimed for it was inconsistent, one week he would be allowed out to play and the next he would be forced to stay in and study. This gave him a tantalising glance into ‘ordinary life’.

    He finished school having skipped a few years and studied geology at Cambridge. During this time he started doing fieldwork in deserts and fell in love with the experience. Before he started masters’ studies he took a gap year in America where he went to Vegas but rather than spend time in the casinos he trekked across the Nevada desert and during his masters studies he decided on a dissertation on the geology of deserts. As such he is currently in Egypt doing lone fieldwork and has been out of touch with the news for long enough to not understand the significance of his emerging powers, yet.

    Ability: Silikinesis
    He can manipulate and control silicon and silica. Naturally occurring silicon is very rare on earth but if he had some he would have the utmost control over its shape. As it is the only place pure silicon occurs is in computer chips and there it is not enough to use although he can rip it out of the circuitry to make a computer utterly unusable.

    Silica or as it is also known silicon dioxide on the other hand is far more common. It is a major component of sand and he can as such move sand, and with concentration shape it. Sand and clay as well as decaying organic matter are the main components of soil so where there is a grainy or dry soil he can extract enough sand to be useful. He has not yet come up with other ways to use his powers.

    Writing Sample: Duncan was doing the same thing he did whenever he got lost, head off in a completely different direction to the one from whence he came. It was simple really. The path he had just been down had got him lost, following it again would get him loster. Besides people never found him from that direction so it followed that the people who were found were down a different path. All Duncan had to do now was get from lost to found and this did not strike him as difficult, finding a lost person when lost made them both found. He couldn't understand why people fussed so much.

    (Hope this is acceptable, remember I'm away Sunday while Sunday so take your time)
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