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Pokemon White 2
OT: Lilith 32323
Game Time: 18:19

I’ve arrived in Lentimas Town. I caught a Trapinch and evolved it after a few battles. I liked Vibrava’s moveset enough to switch out Lilligant. I cut through Reverse Mountain, which looked really nice. Sukisu/Kai traded me a Chimchar egg too. I hatched it and trained it pretty quickly using Exp. Share.

In Opelucid, I go straight to Drayden. I had tutored Infernape Dual Chop and Electivire Ice Punch, so this gym was fairly straightforward. I used those two plus Huntail to take down Drayden. Silly guy was using Dragon Dance when his Haxorus had red health. Eventually, I made my way to Humilau City. I kinda need a different Pokemon to Surf on since Huntail has Waterfall, hm.

the party
:: Keiran the Electivire :: Level 47
:: Mac the Crobat :: Level 46
:: Platinum the Excadrill :: Level 45
:: Taro the Huntail :: Level 52
:: Luke the Flygon :: Level 46
:: Darkness the Infernape :: Level 47