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    And my Challenge Mode Monobug run of White 2 is on the verge of closing. I'll post the details after I beat Iris.

    My ace of this run is without a doubt Madara, my Volcarona. He may have fallen because that bloody Haxorus had a focus sash, but he carried me so hard.
    Final Party:

    Tsunade (Crustle F)
    Adamant Nature
    Lvl 58
    Shell Armor
    Strength - X-Scissor
    Rock Slide - Shell Smash

    Madara (Volcarona M)
    Sassy Nature
    Lvl 65
    Flame Body
    Signal Beam - Psychic
    Quiver Dance - Heat Wave

    Chouji (Escavalier M)
    Brave Nature
    Lvl 57
    Shell Armor
    Swords Dance - X-Scissor
    Iron Head - Slash

    Sakura (Leavanny F)
    Lax Nature
    Lvl 56
    Return - Shadow Claw
    X-Scissor - Leaf Blade

    Karin (Scolipede F)
    Bold Nature
    Lvl 60
    Protect - Dig
    Poison Tail - Steamroller

    Neji (Galvantula M)
    Gentle Nature
    Lvl 58
    Giga Drain - Signal Beam
    Volt Switch - Thunder

    Congrats on victory, team!