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    How about this...I listed a brief intro because you kind of need the intro to understand the storyline...

    INTRO: 75 years ago, all of the legendaries went to war against each other and nearly destroyed the world as we know it. A small group of survivors found some islands in the endless sea. At that time, a powerful legendary (not revealing who) made a promise that one day, someone would be destined to reawaken the legendaries and hopefully convince them to restore the world.

    STORY: You are 13 and have just finished 7 years of school and a crash course in Pokemon training and survival. The professor (your mom) wakes you up and gives you your first Pokemon. Now you can go out into the world (called the Relic Isles), where there are many young Trainers who want to fulfill the prophecy. However, as you travel, strange things begin to occur in your life...ruins become whole again, secrets are uncovered, and legendary Pokemon are awakened! Now there are two rival groups that you meet: an undercover group sworn to protect the person in the prophecy and another group sworn to use the person in the prophecy to awaken the legendaries for their own purpose of world domination. Your mission is to discover the secrets of the old legends and find the truth--while picking up a few badges along the way.

    By the way, I'm planning to use this, so no taking, please. :3

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