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    Originally Posted by Hooh54 View Post
    Whoops, I have a different time zone, sorry >_>
    thats ok ^^
    Originally Posted by eman1192 View Post
    oh darn, i missed it lol.

    are ur other shines on ur 5th gen game or are they still in the older games?
    Yup XD
    they are still on my other games that I can't trade with atm but I can transfer them
    Originally Posted by 1DarkraiMaster View Post
    thank you.
    please may you put those not for trade.
    they are rare. and not around alot.
    thank you let me know if you want yours nft
    Your welcome and thanks too ^^
    sure I'll put them as NFT and put mine as NFT unless for other DW events
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