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    Originally Posted by KogiTheFox View Post
    Hello! I'm looking for an Eevee of any nature/gender, and I would really appreciate it if you could help with that. Thank you!
    Well, hello there!
    Sure, I have the Eevee on the list and about a dozen more on my PC.
    For what generation would this be?

    Originally Posted by Diktat View Post
    Hi i`m new here and I think I have like 90% of all pokemon that you could possibly get in pokemon white with out trading and im really into first generation starter pokemon(I dont have any)
    so some one plz helpme ..:)thanks
    Hi, hi!
    Ok, so it's the Kanto starters that you want, right? All of them, or just one?
    Please let me know and pick whatever you want from the list.
    Also, I don't know if you need this or not, but they're all Pokerus infected.

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