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Act IV: The Breaching Light


The two Dramon felt a surge of energy and vigor rush through their bodies, easing the pain, as a healing aura washed over them. They both rested on beds adjacent to each other. The female HiAndromon nurse worked on Balion’s wounds while a Guardromon nurse attended to Erebus.

Balion winced as she began to stitch up the three long, still bleeding gashes on his neck. He simply stared off into space, hardly taking notice of her. The two Avengers had their wounds closed and bandaged and received their obligatory strict warnings to take it easy.

Erebus slowly stood up from his bed with a strained snarl. He got to his feet and walked towards the door. “Erebus...” Balion hailed him.

“I need to go address the council,” he explained. “You should go home and rest.”

“Good luck,” the UlforceVeedramon said, sitting upwards as well. “Tell Ajax I plan to fight and beat him in a sparring match sometime soon.”

Erebus nodded and exited. The female HiAndromon nurse walked over towards Balion. “You’re all fixed up now,” she explained. A small grin appeared on her face. “You know... if you’re feeling up to it, you and I could go back to my place and... see what happens,” she suggested.

Balion initially jumped at the idea. However, his memory of Sylpha soon entered his mind. At first, he only wanted to sleep with the Zephyrmon, but such a bond grew between them that she was willing to take Elegast’s attack for him. “I have been so shallow all this time...” he thought, grimacing and turning his head away from the HiAndromon. “...Sylpha.

“No... I’m sorry,” he said, distracted. “I am going to return home.” Balion then stood to his feet and left.


Erebus walked into the governing body’s building unannounced, pushing open the front doors after a nod to the Gallantmon and WarGreymon guards. He strode forwards, down the large hallway ahead of him and walked into the council hall, to the surprise of many of the governing body members. A silence overtook the room and the only sound that was heard for several moments was the thudding of the rain against the glass dome above.

“Erebus,” Ajax said, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. He noted the various bandages, scuffs and dried blood stains on his armour. “...We weren’t expecting you.”

“I’ve brought the murderer behind the Dramon killings to justice. He is in prison as we speak,” Erebus explained, not taking the opportunity to say ‘I told you so.’

“So, there was a killer?” Rhea said in surprise.

“And you defeated him?” Arahon asked.

Ajax smirked with a hint of pride at the development. Erebus nodded. “Yes.”

“Be that as that may!” the SaberLeomon growled. “That’s vigilantism!”

“I agree!” the MetalGarurumon said. “He should be arrested.”

Bullmuk!” Ajax hissed. “Are you so callous as to lock up a digimon who not only caught this murderer, but also risked his life time and time again for the digital world?”

“I don’t see why vigilantism is a crime...” Erebus said, growling. “You, the governing body ignored this string of murders and I’m the one who has to explain myself? If you continued to turn a blind eye, the death toll would have been far greater than it already is. How many deaths would it have taken for you to have decided that it was worth diverting the manpower and resources? Or are the lives of Dramon worth less than other digimon?” Erebus retorted, staring particularly at the two quadrupedal digimon.

The SaberLeomon snarled. “Insolent--!”

Arahon raised his hand. “Enough... Erebus, I regret not taking more claim more seriously earlier, but we can’t condone vigilantism, for there are those who take it too far or could try to use it as an excuse to perform malicious acts.”

“Arahon,” Ajax said. “I’ve fought by Erebus’ side, as have you, Rhea, Uriel, and Castiel. I’m positive we can agree that Erebus was doing nothing more than fighting for what was right in our absence. He’s a good warrior and I don’t think he would do anything close to what they are suggesting.”

“I agree, Ajax...” Arahon said.

“As do I,” Rhea said.

“And I,” added Castiel.

“Me, as well,” Uriel finished.

The HerculesKabuterimon X and Plesiomon nodded in agreement.

Arahon nodded, looking down at Erebus. “That said, I have no intentions of incarcerating you. You have our deepest gratitude for bringing this scourge to justice before anymore lives were lost needlessly.”

The Cyberdramon nodded his head. “Thank you,” he said, turning around and walking towards the door. Upon reaching the doorway, Erebus looked over his shoulder. “One last thing... He was Oberon’s little brother,” he said, leaving them with that as he left the council room.


Balion walked through a huge, ballroom-like, luxurious room adorned with pristine tiles. He had returned to his mansion which was isolated away from the cities on a large, grassy hill. The UlforceVeedramon’s footsteps echoed through the room as he slowly approached a grand piano which sat against a tall wall with large windows. His boots treaded mud and water across the clean floor.

He glanced outside and saw rain continuing to fall and rap against the windows. The UlforceVeedramon silently sat on the piano bench and let out a small sigh as he stared at the keys. Memories of how impressed Sylpha was by his playing flashed through his mind, as did his suggestion to her that he would teach her sometime. He knew now that that wasn’t going to happen.

The cobalt Royal Knight closed his eyes and slowly placed his white, wet fingers upon the keys. He waited a few moments before pressing down on the keys, initiating a song. The song was low and pretentious. However, the tune had a very melancholic, sorrowful tone to it. Soon, the song that Balion played became powerful, emotional, and almost angry or frustrated.

The UlforceVeedramon poured all of his heart and effort into the song, not even needing to open his eyes to play it. Some might say that the song was conveying his emotions. His fingers raced across the the keys, pounding them. Near the end of the song, a jolting pain shot down Balion’s neck and through his arm, causing his limb to twitch and miss his next desired notes completely and creating a discordious sound from the instrument.

“DAMN IT!” Balion roared, lashing out and slamming his closed fist down on the keys in frustration. Tears threatened to enter the corners of his closed eyes as his mind was plagued by the death of Sylpha.

Not long after, a Wingdramon flew over to the doorway and looked in. "Master Balion! Is everything alright?" the butler asked with concern, especially upon seeing the bloodied bandages on the knight. This was the only butler he had.

“I’m fine...” Balion answered, his voice shaking with rage and agony. “Just... go and take the rest of the day off,” he said, not looking up at the Wingdramon.

“Err... Of course,” he said hesitantly, but nodding and leaving Balion alone.

The UlforceVeedramon continued staring at the his clenched fist and the piano keys under it. “Sylpha...


An obelisk of the purest, whitest marble stood in a carved-out, golden field, shooting up towards the grey rain clouds over head. Drops of rain fell upon the tall structure, ricocheting off it as they hit. The structure was created by Caesar after Dracul Samhain’s defeat.

“Oberon. Valra. Ragna. Braon. Boagrius. Fabian. Karmas. Quintus. Gatmuz. Theron. Tytania,” the names whispered to those that passed by or approached the great memorial, dedicated to the friends and allies of the Avengers who gave their lives for freedom in the Civil War and the Blackest Night.

"Go tell the Avengers, passerby, that here, for your future, we lie," it whispered.

Balion stood silently beneath the memorial, standing unaffected by the rain. He held a single rose between his thumb and index finger. He kneeled down and gently placed the flower at the base of the obelisk. “Sylpha,” he whispered softly, allowing her name to become one with the data of the obelisk like the others.

He closed his eyes and bowed his helmeted head before slowly standing up. “Oberon...” he thought, remembering the name that had echoed from the memorial; the name that so many Dramon had died in the name of. The UlforceVeedramon was sure that that was not what the hero of the Civil War would have wanted at all.

Balion turned around and expressed mild surprise at Erebus standing behind him, his head bowed as he stood in the shadow of the pillar.

“You’re here...” Balion said somberly, turning back forwards. Erebus nodded and stepped up beside him. “I might go back to Witchenly soon... There’s a lot of training I still need to do with the Future Mode I got from Gotungir and I could use some time to think.”

“When are you leaving, then?” Erebus asked.

“I’m not sure... A few days, a week, maybe?” he replied. “I have arranged to play a piano concerto for the citizens of the capital before then, though. My skill plus my fame as a hero ought to have an incredible turn-out. You should come, Erebus, if you liked my music as much as you said.”

“I’d like that,” Erebus replied, still staring at the obelisk.

“I could probably pull a few strings and get you in VIP seating,” Balion offered.

“That’s not necessary,” Erebus insisted. A momentary silence overtook them, which was broken by Balion.

“It seems hopeless sometimes, doesn’t it?” he said suddenly.

Erebus looked at him, regarding him carefully. “What does?”

“...Even after the world’s end... after the world’s rebirth... after the world’s unification... the prejudices and hate still exist. ...How can that be?”

“The world is distorted...” Erebus answered grimly. “...But it can also be kind... There are those with evil in their hearts who wish to destroy others or service themselves. It seems like there always will be. The permanence of hate...” he said. ”...But that shouldn’t distract you from those who have good hearts... Friends... lovers... family.”

“You sound like you’re going to stop fighting or something...” Balion said, looking at Erebus, who shook his head.

“I’m always fighting...” Erebus responded. “But maybe I can still enjoy happiness... the things people take for granted, too... Maybe...”

“Maybe...” Balion sighed and placed his glove on the warm surface of the obelisk. “...Will the world ever change, Erebus?”

“...That’s up to us,” he answered. “All of us... If the world is going to truly change, then it will have to be by our own free will,” he said, looking up at the white obelisk that stood highlighted against the dark grey clouds.

Balion retracted his hand and looked up as well.

“By our own free will...” he echoed, looking into the sky, where, through the darkness of the clouds, a ray of light stubbornly shone through and fell upon the flowing, golden fields of grass in front of them...
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