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    FINALLY caught Regigigas (and Regirock). And now that I have, All I can say is, Wichu, PLEEEEEZ change Regigigas' ability for EX. There's a reason Slow Start was made - 'Gigas is too broken w/o it. Truant would be the only option for a 3rd-gen ability replacement that would bring it back down to size (pardon the pun).

    More bug reports:

    (1) In the Dimensional Tower's 1st Floor, there's parts of the wall that can be walked on, just above the two bookshelves on either side of the room. The same goes for those two little machines next to each other in the top-left & top-right corners.

    (2) I've encountered a glitch with Wish during a battle against a Hunter Grunt w/ a Xatu; when Xatu used Wish, the message was cut off abruptly. Then, when I chose a move with my Pokemon, it flashed across the screen again just before my Pokemon's attack occurred. It also didn't say "Foe XATU made a wish!" either time.
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