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    Drips of water could be heard from around the cave. In spots it was extremely hot and others it was cool. Also like the elements of water and fire did battle in this cave. Dallas and Ayla were walking side by side. A few trainers had challenged them to double battles and they won. Later on in the cave they ran into streams of lava and water. They quickly passed because the heat was unbearable. Dallas had not relived it would be this hot. His clothes were soaked. So were Ayla's. A chattering noise came from the wall. Dallas quickly put his arm out in front of Ayla to stop her.

    "Uh... What was that?" Ayla asked. alarm rising in her voice.

    "Shh. We can't talk loud. It will attract what ever it is. Let me check my pokedex." Dallas said putting his other arm in his pocket. He zoomed through a few pages of pokemon and read what may live here silently.

    "There is three possible pokemon that make that noise. Skorupi, Trapinch, and Trapinch evolution, Vibrava." Dallas said.

    At that moment a giant hole opened up in the side and both Dallas and Ayla jumped back. A group of Skorupi came out and a Vibrava.

    "Torchic go!" Ayla yelled revealing a Torchic.

    "Ah you have a Torchic, alright. Skarmory come out!" Dallas yelled, as the armored bird pokemon came out and spread its wings.

    Skor skor skorupi!! Skorupi cried at the Vibrava.

    Vi vibrava!

    "You got to be kidding me.... this is the group of Skorupi from yesterday!" Dallas yelled.

    "Hey Dallas, we can take them, but let me catch one of the Skorupi." Ayla said.

    Dallas was a bit surprised as he turned his head toward Ayla, "Hmm, a girl who want a poison type. What a surprise. Well then I will catch the Vibrava."

    Ayla giggled, "I guess you can say I can be a bit wild sometimes."

    Dallas smiled and the battle began.
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