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    Madison smiled, "Oh ..? Well, that nice to know--." The blonde lass paused; alas, the wolf- lad, as hasty as he was, had already stridden into the rather inundating thoroughfare, its boroughs overwhelmed with diverse culture, and people. Matthew chortled, "Well.." He paused, still laughing. "I guess we should catch up to him. Man, that kid sure has a lot of energy." He joked. Maya nodded, "You can say that again." Madison chimed in, "In any case, we had better go." Maya nodded once more, "Agreed." The threesome, then, ambled, albeit hurriedly, towards the rather nimble Kio. "Man, you sure are fast!" Matthew remarked, standing uprightly behind the wolf- lad, his fair arms resting, relaxed, upon his rather soft head.
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