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"Alright," Logan said. "Lets just get to Chargestone." Now, he was serious; no more distractions. He needed to get the rock samples as soon as possible, because for some reason he felt like more of those UO goons would be in the area.

Okay, mabye one, he thought. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a Karrablast sneaking up on them. And, he wanted to train his newly-caught Castform. So he saw this as the perfect oppurtunity. "Castform, use... uhh... what moves do you know?" Logan said, though he was embarrassed to not know his Castform's moves. "Uhh... do you know Tackle?" Logan asked. Just then, Castform tackled the Karrablast just before it used Peck on Logan. Karrablast stumbled backwards, and struggled to get up.

"Tackle!" Logan commanded. Castform attempted to Tackle the Karrablast, but the Karrablast used Peck, causing the Weather Pokémon to stumble in midair and almost miss with the Tackle. The Karrablast couldn't take anymore and fell unconscious. Castform looked about to do the same, but Logan recalled him before it got any worse.

Looking down at his two Poké Balls, Logan said "That was quite a battle. You did good." to his Castform and continued down the Route once more.
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