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    Matthew smiled, pleased with Kio's proposition, "Sure. I don't mind it a bit."

    "It'd be a learning experience for Drilbur and I as well. Getting acquainted with other Pokemon and all."

    The verdant woodland, as lush as it was, was considerably eerie; the inauspicious hush upon the typically rustling forestland was indeed unearthly. Madison contemplated at the thought; her shrewd, cobalt gaze circumspectly surveying the emerald briers and shrubbery that lay typically about.

    Taking especial notice of Madison's discomfort, Matthew asked, "Is something wrong?" Though startled by Matthew's abruptness, Madison stammered an, albeit awkward answer, "Oh. Um, it's nothing."

    "Are you sure?" Matthew asked, his tone yielding tame worry. Madison simply nodded, withdrawing into a sullen quiet.

    A dismal shadow lurked about the vigorously green trees that had laid about. His strikingly piercing red gaze held rigidly towards them.


    Alarmed, Maya tightly held onto Kio. "Oh.. I- I- I'm sorry! I- I- just got a bit scared, that's all." She apologised, freeing the lad's fair arms, though reddening a tad bit.

    ((I'll try to stir something up. :) I promised, didn't I? Hehe))
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