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Wallbreakers don't need much support outside of dual screening, type synergy and entry hazards. Scizor can be a wallbreaker on its own, while having another teammate to cover for its extreme Fire weakness. Baton Pass support isn't really necessary for your team, given how fast or strong some of them are already.

Don't bother with Metal Claw on Scizor. Ever. Like I said before, it provides little utility besides the low chance of boosting attack. Technician and STAB boosted Metal Claws (50 x 1.5 Technician x 1.5 STAB = 112.5) are also just as strong as STAB elemental punches and Rock Slide (75 x 1.5 STAB = 112.5), which aren't very strong at all for STAB moves. True, Bullet Punch is weaker than Metal Claw (40 x 1.5 Technican x 1.5 STAB = 90), but it provides better utility than Bullet Punch by having priority to compensate for Scizor's low Speed. Iron Head still outpowers both moves (80 x 1.5 STAB = 120), but it's only useful for Choice Scarf sets, as I already mentioned. Also, if you want a better STAB move that benefits from Technician look no further than Bug Bite (60 x 1.5 Technician x 1.5 STAB = 135).

Scizor was made with wallbreaking or scouting in mind. While it can Baton Pass, this leaves it strapped for moveslots for what it's really supposed to achieve, which are wallbreaking and scouting.

Also, BPing boosts to Mienshao is a bad idea, given that it may be forced to use U-turn to leave the battle, erasing the boosts it received in the first place.