Thread: FireRed hack: Cubone and the Power Crystal
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    About VRAM I mean the area the game stores all the graphics of the game (sprite, tiles etc.). Basically, by modifying the bytes in VRAM you can make sprites, tiles and that kind of stuff look different before they're re-loaded again.

    "I'm not 100% sure how to write to the VRAM. I agree it makes it look messy but I'm not sure how to fix it I'm afraid ;__; "

    You actually need assembly to do this (because it's much less effortless than by doing with scripting only). You'd have to make the script call for a loop code. This is basically used to "copy --> paste" data from rom/ram area into another.
    You can for example load the red square somewhere from the rom data and then copy its graphics to VRAM and replace player's sprite that way.

    (And yeah, I forgot that the script I told about in my latest message calls for this kind of assembly code so it's not a pure script although I said it was...)

    But as Swiftsign's suggestion sounds doable (and especially easier than mine unless you get someone to do the assembly script for you), go for it!
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