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Which of the third generation Fossil Pokémon do you prefer?

Anorith/Armaldo here. I prefer them a hundred times over Lileep and Cradily, mainly just because it has a much more awesome design than Cradily in my opinion, and is just a good Pokémon in general. I've never really used the others though, as I just really disliked their designs and didn't really want to use them, so Anorith has always been the one I've chosen. Though to be honest, I've never really used it as part of my main team. It came a bit too far into the game at a pretty low level imo, and I'm always too lazy to train it up to the rest of my team, so usually I just get it, store it in my PC, beat my way through the game, and take it with me in the league with an EXP Share to level it up.

Also, back when I was making a ROM hack quite a while ago, Anorith was the rival of the game's main Pokémon, mainly because you were only able to choose fire Pokémon and I needed a Pokémon that would be strong against those, but I made it so strong that it became some of a challenge just beating it when going through the game, so I took quite a liking to it there too xD
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