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    Team Magma or Team Aqua? Why?
    Team Aqua. I live in quite a warm place, so there's no need for torridness. However, with Team Aqua they can expand the ocean, and hopefully this can help lower the temperature a little, and also create floods, so I don't have to go to school. :D

    Which of the third generation Fossil Pokémon do you prefer?
    I prefer Lileep more actually, it looks so odd and quirky yet interesting and refreshing, which made me love its design. It appears like it has two pairs of eyes ("eyes" on its body and the real ones are actually inside). I love the shape of its body too, from its roots to its tentacles, just pretty much everything about its look I love.

    The funny thing is, that its evolution, Cradily looks scary and intimidating to me, especially its face. >__<
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