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It's been a week, and nobody's been posting.

I'm thinking of actually implementing some changes with regards to club membership and how sign-ups are handled. THIS IS IMPORTANT for new members - everyone should read this. Full stop. I hope that by doing this, I can cut down on both club management and generic sign-up posts that do absolutely nothing.

The member list system will be removed.

This is very important because it has been too much of a hassle regarding handling sign-ups, both valid and generic. It cut downs on management and also should allow members to not bother with anything other than the meat of the club - that is, the topic itself.

No sign-up form is required to be a member of the club.

Yup, you read that right: you no longer need to sign up to start participating in the club! This is meant as a measure to cut down on generic sign up posts that I've been seeing a lot lately. I think, if members are allowed to go straight to the topic, it'd be easier for everyone to get things going, and perhaps keep the place alive. If you're interested, feel free to immediately reply - if you've got a post in the club, you're implied to be a member.

The sign-up form is removed starting today.

Now, onto a new beginning, and a new topic!
New topic!

Do you think there's something that you can do to your favourite Pokemon to make it even more cute?

Meta topic:

What do you think of the revised club membership handling?