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Originally Posted by Lateon View Post
is the boost from life orb and choice specs the same?

Never used him before. Am I going to be able to set up those swords dances/ rock polishes?

Also, what about a rapid spinner? Should I have one out there?

I was thinking about having someone that can set up a bunch of entry hazards like toxic spikes/stealth rock and regular spikes, but i don't know of anyone that can do that. Plus why go through all the effort when it will most likely get spun away? Not sure though.
Nope, LO = 1.3x and Specs = 50%.

As for Terrakion yes generally if you come in on the right Pokemon that can't really do anything to it then you'll get a chance.

Rapid spinner, not necessarily, it depends on how weak your team is to hazards. Current team isn't thaat weak to hazards so you should be fine imo, but...

You could set up tspikes/spikes and have a rapid spinner all at once with forretress, and give skarm stealth rock while using Jellicent as a spinblocker. You'd have to ditch something though (or just use that and go w/o), since it can learn spikes and tspikes as well as rapid spin. :3

Also on jelli, to take down ground, just use scald no need for ice beam, taunt will be of more use to you out of the choices. :x

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