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I guess people who are just really messed up. T:
That's only my guess, though. I could never hurt any of my pets, even when they do irritate me. My snake bites or attacks people when they try to hold her, but I just tolerate the bites. I certainly wouldn't hurt her back.

@Outfox (because I don't know what else to call you)
Why is that chubby kid crying? I totally forgot about it for a minute there. It actually took me a minute to understand it. (;

Edit: Just seen your new post.
Thanks. But oddly enough, they try to come in the house sometimes. At least two of them have made it inside, only to be carried back out before they give my cats fleas. One of them was just casually strutting through the living room, his tail held high as he rubbed himself against someone's leg to be pet. I wasn't home at the time, but apparently he had walked right in when nobody was looking.
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