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    I nickname pretty much every Pokémon I catch. I usually give them a name that sounds like part of their name or what they're based on, related to, or make me think of. For instance, I named a Gastly "Rick." Can you guess why?

    One of my favorites is probably the name I gave my Lapras on LeafGreen, Iathan (EE-UH-THUN), derived from "Leviathan."

    Some of my worst nicknames occurred in a replay of Red Version. I was wanting to make Ghost MissingNo., Skeleton MissingNo., and Prof. Oak appear on Cinnabar's east coast, so I made my trainer name SoyOwix (or something like that). Every Pokémon I caught was named Soy-something. Pikachu was SoyMouse, Tangela was SoyVine, Haunter was SoyGhost... This gave some of them interesting colors on Pokémon Stadium.

    Also, on a Nuzlocke of HeartGold, I named a Slowpoke "Elvis" only to realize later that I would never be able to evolve it into Slowking.

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