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    Issac Milke - Behind the Dorms

    "Twuh!" Trunks gasped as he turned around, taking the dragon claw directly.
    "OH NO!" Issac exclaimed as his attention returned to the battle. He rushed over to the Turtwig who was struggling to get up and slid onto his knees.
    "No Trunks.. you're done. You did an excellent job. " Issac started calmly, "Here, you deserve a rest." Issac pulled his a pokeball off this side of his backpack, returning Trunks to it. He got back, head down, and made his was over to C.J. and Gabite.

    "That was a great battle. Congratulations C.J. and good job to you as well, Chomp" Issac said as he looked up at Chomp then at C.J., extending his hand out. Something caught his eye as he awaited the hand shake. "There is someone coming over here.."
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