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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Lucia's Room

    Lucia smiled as Mark left and shut the door behind him, although it was quickly pushed back open as Samuel quickly made his way inside. She giggled and locked the door up and proceeded into changing for the night and headed into the small bathroom she had.

    Tyro sorta blushed as Able kissed him lightly and he rubbed his cheek in a sort of daze.

    Diana sat down and glanced at Samuel. "What was that about?"

    The Absol shook his head, "N-Nothing. Just a little uncomfortable for me right then." He said with a kind of stammer in his voice.

    Roberto frowned at him, "Yes... uncomfortable would be the word." Samuel just slightly blushed at that. Lucia came out a few minutes later and recalled everyone except Roberto to their balls and got into her bed as the bug put himself against her door. "Night Roberto." She said as she fell off into dream land and the Scizor stayed silent like he usually was.
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