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    Originally Posted by Ajduk View Post
    Thank you :)

    Would it be too much to ask that you make an updated GameBoid version of the game for us who want to play on Android devices? I know that there is a way to make this gba version run on gameboid, but if you google it, you will see that a lot of people can't make it work for some reason. I have tried everything, all suggestions to make it work, and it didn't.
    At the end, I found an already fixed version and downloaded it.

    About those trade evolutions:

    Did you consider making them evolve on a certain level?
    There is a black and white hack that does that(if I remember correctly) so I guess that it could work here as well.

    Thank you for continuing your work on this awesome game :)
    Just an FYI, I'm not the game creator. That credit goes to Wesley, and Snakebyte was the first to release some updates to the game after him. As such, I can't do anything to convert the game anyhow, and even so, we always recommend that you play it using the current version of VisualBoyAdvance as other emulators - well - aren't as good. Per the PSP comment someone made earlier, there's nothing we can do about that either. In fact, I once helped someone who couldn't see underwater segments at all on her emulator by providing a map and directions through; she made it through and challenged the E4.

    I'm not sure where the English patch originated, but I'm glad it did. Otherwise I might not have tried it.

    EDIT: A note on Electivire. I just poked around my PC and found it hanging around in mine. This is the same Elekid from Yellow Town, and it's at Lv.40. I think it evolved naturally! If not, try using a Thunderstone and that might do it.

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