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    Hello, this is pretty much my first fanfic. Its about a region I made up called the "Veilum region" and it has my made up gym leaders and characters


    In the city called Aokusai City in the Velium region, there lived a young girl who is too esctatic because, it was finally her 10th birthday and most ten year olds are able to get their Pokemon Trainer licenses and set out on their own pokemon journey.
    "Happy 10th birthday Cassie!" Cassie's mom and dad said happily. Cassie was a tall girl with long brown pigtail braids and blue flower decorations in her hair. She wore a long-sleeved orange shirt with a blue skirt and black sandals.

    "Its finally your 10th birthday!" mom exclaimed.

    "Your finally are able to get your own pokemon trainer license," dad said.

    "This is really cool," Cassie said. "I have always dreamed of going out on my own pokemon journey and competing in the Velium league. I will start following my dream starting right now by going on my journey now."

    "Wait Cassie," dad said. "Don't you think we should eat our cake first? You can start your journey first thing tomorrow."

    "Oh my sweet girl!" mom cried. "You're finally going to be a pokemon trainer! I can't believe how fast your growing up!"

    If the story is boring now, I promise it will get better. See what happens in chapter two.
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