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Originally Posted by -ty- View Post
Hey guys,

I have returned to the PC, after what has been nearly 6 months, maybe more.
Not much new has happened in my life though; although, it seems like my political science courses discussions have been gearing toward some LGBTQ-related issues due to the upcoming election.

This one girl actually yelled out, "you know what, I just don't care; it's wrong because I know it's wrong," after I pointed out her flawed propositions in a ten minute long rebuttal, since she never took the time to formulate an opinion rather than restating a learned prejudice. After she said that though, I just kept my composure and smiled and said, "well, you just proved my point; ultimately you are saying something is wrong using the fact that it is wrong to prove that point. That is a circular argument, which is derived from a prejudice rather than a philosophical argument." After that, she just glared down at her desk in anguish and didn't participate in any of the class discussion for the remaining hour of class.

Oh boy, I can just tell this is going to be a great year. XD
It always makes me so sad to see young people with such prejudice. I wonder where they get it from. Older people I sort of understand because back when they first had learned about the fact that gay people existed it was probably something that no one knew much about and there were a lot of misconceptions, but today? How does someone not having a kid in their school who is gay, or a family member, or a neighbor, or at the very least see someone on television or other media?