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    Originally Posted by LaVida View Post
    I bet that must be a struggle to deal with. You know, I always thought that it is not so important to come out to one's family. Maybe, you could keep it to yourself a while longer until you feel more confident in coming out.

    By the way, on a small note, I used to think that I was an aromantic ace as well until I got my first boyfriend. A little bit later, I figured out that I liked girls as well so yeah... I kinda went from asexual -> heterosexual -> bisexual... who knows, what happens next? :D
    It's important to me that they know at some point. They have kind of noticed that I've never had a boyfriend... But they never bring it up, except to joke about it in situations where it's really not a good time for me to tell them (like at big family gatherings). If they ever ask me about it, I'll tell them, but otherwise, I'm probably going to wait until I move out in the next year or so, just because maybe then they'll stop thinking of me as a kid. What really killed the whole coming out plan was that episode of House with the ace couple. I'd finally gotten up the courage to do it, and then I heard that House was doing an episode on it, and I figured "Okay, right after the episode, that'll be the perfect time. I can see how they react to the idea of asexuality, and if they seem cool with it, I'll tell them."


    One's asexuality is being caused by a tumour, the other's lying about it. Fantastic. Coming out will go over really well now.

    I have tried to bring up the topic of asexuals casually in conversation though, just to test the waters, and sort of plant the idea in their heads. I usually just get met with a look of "seriously? sounds like bull to me." :/