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Posted May 9th, 2015
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I found a problem...after Cerulean City I headed to the Underground Path but I couldnt enter for some reason so I left and headed east to Rock Tunnel.

There is usually a tree that blocks the way, but there wasnt so I continued through. After reaching the Pokemon Center near the Power Plant I tried to go back to Cerulean City but the tree appeared. Without having Cut or Flash I am stuck in that route. =(
Yeah, I have no idea why that tree vanishes. Sorry. But this reminds me to suggest that you save often and to look out for glitches. If you want to continue, I'd suggest getting Advance Map and just deleting the tree that's blocking you and saving the rom, and then going back to Cerulean City.

hey good work on the beta. however if u want to finish this hack quick dont have a breck between betas. just counitue working.
I'm not necessarily looking for speed with the hack. But I don't want to obsess over it too much, so I might take a little break from it just to focus on other things. I do want to continue fixing the glitches as they show up, though.

why wont the rom work for my VBA do i have to do something to make it work
It's an IPS file that you have to patch to an existing Fire Red Rom. The forums don't allow you to upload actual roms.

Hi Metapod! I've been playing this Hack but I found some spelling mistakes:

First Pic: First, not Fist
Second Pic: Electric, not Electic

Well, if I find more spelling mistakes, I'll post here! Bye for now.
Hey, thanks! I really try not to make spelling mistakes, but some of those things just slip by. I appreciate having them pointed out so I can fix them. :)