Whoa! A horde of Goldfish appeared!

Outside of a Sewage Treatment Plant
Seen August 27th, 2014
Posted August 20th, 2014
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I like this idea! Link being a monster tamer this time around is a pretty good concept.

If you're still thinking about capture devices, there are a lot of possibilities, from the Bug Catching Net to the Empty Bottle. Or, how about his fairy/companion (if you choose to give him one) would attempt to "purify" the monster. xD

If you end up wanting to include the Master Sword, why not make it into a "Pokemon" like the monsters and you'd get it late-game? Though it might make the game too easy, being the Blade of Evil's Bane and all. xD

And nice sprites, by the way. I definitely support this. :D
I imagine it would pretty awkard for Link to throw a Bottle into battle and have explode, revealing a monster. But it could work.

That reminds me, Pokemonfying certain items within the Zelda franchise could lead to some interesting Pokemon. For example, Hookshot to Longshot to Clawshot or Arrows to Fire Arrows or to Ice Arrows or to Light Arrows, making it a branched evolution. Just try and make these items Pokemon like so they'll fit. Think Honedge, not just a floating sword with googly eyes slapped on.