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That's actually exactly what I was getting at. The idea is that it's a capability only available to those with the Triforce, and as such, it isn't some widespread phenomenon. The trainers wouldn't need to be other people, they could just be groups of monsters, as you say.
Yeah, true, because Link never really fights against other humans anyways unless they're a boss/miniboss. I like that idea, but on the other hand, it may get a bit boring without some sort of human trainers... so maybe the triforce of courage can be used, but in some other way? Hmm. This one needs some thinking on. Because I'd like to have sprites for some of the other NPCs to show up in-game at some point, at least for the artistic appeal of the game.... gotta think on both sides of this.

Like, defeat Malon to obtain the useless monster, the Lon Lon Cow or something. haha. (Though maybe it knows rollout? :D :D)