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Chapter 63 Battling Mike
Tracy's POV

I know that going through with fighting Mike is a bad idea since I don't have my powers, but I need him to be by my side for my surgery. Plus, the rest of the team needs his help to fight Mesogog. I'm about to place my hand on the knob to open the door to head outside.

Suddenly Circuit pops up in front of me, and I stumble backward I try to catch myself by putting my left arm out when I'm a few inches away from hitting the floor. Then I hear running footsteps and look up to see Kimberly's face staring down at me.

"Thanks, for the save, Kimberly, nice catch," I say.

"You're welcome," Kimberly says, as she helps me back onto my feet.

I turn around to face her. Circuit flies over to Kimberly and hovers behind her left shoulder.

"Tracy, why do you think that going off to fight Mike by yourself is the best option for the team?" Kimberly asks.

"Plus, you forgot to mention that you could get seriously hurt since you don't have your powers and you could lose your voice as well," Circuit adds.

"Circuit, I don't care if I get hurt or lose my voice," I say clenching my fists, "I know that Dr. Oliver told me that I shouldn't blame myself for what happened to Mike while we were in Angel Grove, but I still feel guilty about him being under Rita's spell. The only way to clear my conscious is to go fight Mike and be the one to break the spell," I reply.

"Tracy, I have a hunch that I'm not going to convince you to go back to the lab," Kimberly says, as she starts to take the bracelet on her wrist, "Give me your bracelet and take your morpher back," Kimberly continues as she hands it to me.

"But, I thought that I couldn't morph," I say, as we trade bracelets.

"Kimberly is just borrowing your Ranger powers, but they still are bonded to you. I just reconfigured them so she could use them while you're recovering from surgery," Circuit explains.

I thank Kimberly and turn around and walk to the door. Circuit flies over to me, and I see a beam of light come out of his eyes. It runs over the bracelet like a bar code scanner at the store. He tells me that he just reprogrammed my Ranger powers so I can use them for this one battle then he'll change them back so Kimberly will be able to use them again. I turn back around and look at Kimberly.

"Don't worry about the rest of the team, I'll cover for you, just get going," Kimberly says.

I nod, spin back around, open the door quickly and quietly close it behind me before I run off into the forest heading towards one of the hardest battles I've ever had to fight after I first become a ranger - fighting against a teammate and the first boyfriend I've ever had.

Normal POV

Kimberly and Circuit go back downstairs to the lab. Dr. Oliver is in shock and a bit confused when Kimberly reaches the bottom, and Tracy isn't with her and Circuit.

"Kim, you just let Tracy go off to fight Mike without her powers," Dr. Oliver says.

"Yeah, I thought you were going to convince her not to go," Wes adds.

"Relax, you two," Kimberly says, as she flips her wrist revealing that she has the fake bracelet that's just a communicator, "Tracy, has her powers," Kimberly continues.

"Couldn't Tracy possibly lose her voice too," Ethan says.

"Tracy said she was willing to risk losing her voice or getting hurt. She still feels responsible for Mike being under Rita's spell. The only way she'll feel better is if she was the one to break it's control over him," Circuit explains.

A few seconds later, the alarm goes off, and the Rangers gather around the computer.

"It looks like Mesogog must know about Mike since he sent a monster to attack the city," Wes says.

"I doubt that he knows, but we need to head out to deal with it," Dr. Oliver says.

"Shouldn't someone go to help Tracy?" Ethan asks.

"But, Ethan, no one knows where the spot Mike wanted Tracy to meet her is at," Kira adds.

"I'll go find her," Circuit says.

"I'll go with him," Jen adds.

Everyone but Kimberly and Jen morph and then the group leaves the lab.

Tracy's POV

I get halfway down the path leading to the hidden waterfall Mike took me to after we went to the beach the day I got embarrassed after the whole school saw that video from our first date. I know that I'm nervous, but I was starting to think I'm beginning to get a little paranoid when I hear leaves rustling and some small twigs breaking behind me. I turn around, and my heart rate returns to normal as it can be since I'm still anxious about battling Mike when I see Jen and Circuit come up to me.

"Circuit, Jen, what are you two doing here?" I ask, trying not to snap to avoid straining my voice.

"I'm here to act as a backup," Jen says.

"The rest of the team was worried that you might get hurt," Circuit adds.

"You two can come, just stay back when we arrive," I sigh.

My heart begins to thump inside my chest as we get closer to the clearing where the waterfall is, so I try to calm my nerves by taking a few deep breaths before I enter. I see Mike standing in front of the pond where the water from the falls collects. I approach him as confidently as I can, trying to hide the fearful look on my face.

"Well, Pink Ranger, I didn't think you'd even show up," Mike says.

"I have a hunch you want to fight, don't you," I say.

Mike nods and activates his morpher. He lets out an evil chuckle before he morphs.

"Give me your Dino Gem," Mike says as he pulls out his blaster.

Mike shoots his blaster at me. I quickly activate my morpher as I jump to my left to dodge it. Then I stand up in my pink ranger suit.

"Explain yourself, how are you able to morph? Your gem had an evil coating on it," Mike demands, still pointing his blaster at me, as he slowly presses his finger down on the trigger.

"I'm not telling you anything until I break Rita's spell she put on you," I reply.

Mike shots his blaster at me three more times before he lets out a growl of frustration, placing it back on the hostler on his hip. He charges at me like a mad bull and turns this battle into a hand-to-hand combat fight. I know I have to fight him, but I didn't want to hurt him. Mike must have realized that all I was doing is using the same moves I did when I stood up to Grant a few weeks ago. He grabs my left wrist, and I wince in pain because it was still sore from what happened when Mike 'talked' to me in Mr. Johnson in school today. He chuckles again before tosses towards where he was standing earlier. As I get to my feet, the last thing I see before I landed in water is Mike running up and kicking me in the chest right below my bust area. I try my best to brush off my pain as I swim back to the edge. As I pull myself out of the water, I see that Jen has morphed and is keeping Mike busy. I noticed he is about to shoot Jen with his Tro-bow. I take out my blaster, and my hands are shaking as I aim at his weapon.

I'm sorry, Mike. I know that Hayley will be able to fix your weapon. All I want is for you to have your powers after I destroy it.

I shoot it, and the blast flows through the air. I think that time is going at a snail speed because it feels like it is taking forever for it to make contact with the weapon. My heart stops for a few seconds after I see Mike's weapon break right down the middle. The same way the arrow did in Brave when Merida shot her arrow at the target. Then Mike drops to his knees when the blast hits him in the chest, and he lands on the ground, demorphed.

"Mike," I shout, as I run over to him.