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@Dawn to my knowledge Sony folded on crossplay and now allows it. Also at least here in the states said censorship of DMC 5 was removed in a patch. I only see the niche japanese anime styles being affected by any sort of censorship, but I don't think it is going to be a major factor. Not to mention Sony is going to release mlb the show 21 on the xbox platform as well so I think relationships between both platforms are getting better and I think Sony will be using Microsofts network for theirs as well next gen since both companies have agreements on things.. Not to sure on Nintendo.

More or Less I generally don't like predicting things but Sony and Nintendo both aren't near ready for cloud gaming.

Also I think Nintendo is going to have no choice, but either release a more powerful switch or start a new generation if they want to keep third party support in the dawn of the new generation Sony and Microsoft are releasing later this year.

@Quto- I wasn't trying to be malicious, but I generally am blunt about my opinions on things and I'm sorry if it sounded that way.