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Chpater 57: Tracy's Dino Powers Return Part 1, - Decisions and a White Lie

Tracy's POV

"Where is it Circuit?"

"8862 Queen St," Circuit answers.

"That's Amber's house, how did she get there?"

"You'll just have to ask her when we go to pick her up," Wes says.

"Okay, but can we go in the jeep you drove here?"

"Sure, let's go," Wes says.

"Can I tag along too?" Devin asks.

I nod. We leave the lab. As we walk out the front door, I stop before going down the steps. Devin turns around and asks, "You are going to call your parents aren't you?"

"Yes, I'll meet you in the car,"

Devin nods and turns back around heading towards the jeep. I take out my phone and dial mom's number. I sit down on the step and tap my foot listening to the line ringing.

"Hi, sweetie," Mom says.

"Mom, I've made a list of pros and cons to going through with the surgery.."

"Tracy your father and I know how difficult it was for you make this decision. I'm proud of you." Mom says.

"Thanks, mom,"

"I'll call Dr. Calhoun and see when he is available to do the surgery," Mom says.

"You and dad won't kick me out if something goes wrong with the surgery will you?"

"Tracy, we'll love you no matter what happens to your voice." Mom says, "Also, your friends won't turn their backs on you either."

"Mom, next time could you ask permission before you enter my brain," I joke, "I got to go Power Ranger business,"

Before we hang up, Mom says shell text me after she calls Dr. Calhoun and gets the information about the surgery. She also says that she loves me. I tell her I love her too. Then put my phone away and walk over to the jeep. After buckling up, Wes turns it on, and we pull out of the driveway

"So, Wes have you heard of Dr. Calhoun?"

"Yes I have, he is one of the best surgeons in Silver Hills," Wes answers.

"Is he a popular surgeon?"

"Yes," Wes says.

I hope I can get this surgery done this week because I'd like to get it over with as soon as possible.

"If he is in Silver Hills then he knows about the Power Rangers since that is where your team battled Ransic, right?"

"Yes," Wes says.

Thank goodness, so I won't have to lie about how I got all the others injuries then. That's good I'm a terrible liar. Also, I hope my dino powers come back soon.

Ten minutes later we pull into the driveway to Amber's house. I get out and walk around to the backyard and see Amber sitting on the steps leading to the beach.

Amber's POV

I hear someone walking up, so I stand up and turn around to see Tracy.

"Hey, Tracy, what are you doing here?"

"Circuit picked up the signal from your morpher," Tracy answers, "How did you escape?"

I tell Tracy about Zeltrax tossing me into the ocean. Then about discovering my Dino POwers, seeing my zord for the first time and it helping me get to safety.

"That's amazing so what is your dino power?" Tracy asks.

"I can breathe underwater,"

Tracy tells me that Devin is going to be the silver ranger. We walk into the house so I can change out of my wet clothes before we head to the lab. We head upstairs to my room. Tracy sits down at my desk and asks, "So, what are you going to tell your mom when she asks you how you got here?"

"You'll find out when we head back downstairs to go out to your car."

I go to my bathroom to change. After I put my wet clothed into the hamper and we walk back downstairs. I'm hoping we get outside quick enough so mom won't see us. I'm about to put my hand on the doorknob when I hear mom's voice.

"Amber, when did you get back I didn't hear you pull in," Mom says.

I turn around and quickly think of a white lie to tell her to avoid having to admit that Tracy and I are Power Rangers.

"That's because Tracy car is super quiet. We decide to carpool to the library to work on our extra credit project for Dr. Oliver's class."

"Okay, just be home in time for dinner," mom says.

"I will,"

I turn back around when I see mom walk towards the kitchen. Tracy and I step outside as I close the door behind us. I see Wes and Devin standing next to a jeep.

"I was wondering what was taking so long. You had to change outfits," Wes says.

"Yes, I thought it would be a good idea since my clothes were wet and had sand on them,"

"So saving Reefside is our 'extra credit project' for Dr. O's class," Tracy says.

"Yeah, sorry I panicked a bit," I say, "So, Devin I hope the others were on board with you joining the team?"

"Not everyone Conner isn't too thrilled," Devin says.

"Let's get going I'm sure everyone wants to hear your story, Amber," Tracy says.

We get into the jeep and drive back to Dr. Oliver's house.