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    I have a challenge that really would be different :)

    The Attack,Defence and Avoider challenge:

    The defender will have to have moves such as tail whip,growl or any status move

    They can't not do damage to the pokemon apart from poison or burnt

    The attacker must be pokemon that knows 4 good moves to knock any type of pokemon out

    The Avoider must be a bird pokemon that has the Fly HM and Double Team

    One notice is that the defender has to battle all of the time, If it faints you must knock all your other pokemon out

    Optional for harder challenge:

    You have to use one type
    Only allowed to use 3 poke balls in the game
    No boxed pokemon
    You cannot spend any money what-so-ever
    You have to sell all your items you pick up throughout the game apart from Key Items and Berries, The only balls you can use are the ones at the start
    You must only use each pokemon center when you first get to the town and after the gym
    If choosing to spend money here are some ways to limited what you buy:
    No status items must be bought
    Only allowed to buy stuff from vending machines <apart from black and white as it become easier in those games to have access to a machine>
    Only able to buy Ultra Balls
    Only able to buy one of the custom balls
    Only able to buy Full Restores and revives

    Notice: The defender has to battle before the attacker an avoider and you can't switch until you use a move such a tail whip or move that status pokemon