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Can someone tell me how much approximately these cards are worth altogether?

Hi normie6, I merged your thread with the appropriate one. Please try not to make duplicates in the future! :)

When I’m not on mobile I’ll check out your link. Good luck!

EDIT: Well, normie6, since you deleted your post it's a little hard to follow up with you. But I hope you see this anyway!

What I can say is that you're going to need to take much closer and better pictures of your cards if you want us to help you determine value. Right now, they look to be in fairly poor condition, as many appear quite curved, played, and bent. That Mew EX (RC24/RC25) You got there could run up to $12. But without knowing the condition, it could easily go as low as $5. The Rainbow Rare Solgaleo GX (155/149) could go for $20, but played it might only fetch $11. Prices can be real fickle and without accurate pictures to compare them, you really can't ask for top dollar. :/