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Just hit the two year mark with my HTC Desire a few days ago.

I love it, although I've really got to sit down and root it. I'm getting really frustrated with the fact that most apps are restricted to the phone's memory rather than my SD Card and even that is capped at a certain number of MBs so I have to constantly clear the cache of all my apps and I can't really install any others right now unless they can go to my SD card. I also want to upgrade to 2.3 but that requires a factory reset so I want to do all of it at once. I'm just a little scared of messing it up so I'm trying to wait for a time when I won't need my phone so if I'm without one for a few days, it won't be the "end of the world". :P

But I really do adore my phone and when my contract is up in a year, I'm not even sure I'll upgrade.
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