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Originally Posted by OrangeNess View Post
Alright, attempt 2 of my SU is done. I tried to do better than last time. In my opening post, I wasn't sure what to have Tails say, so I copied and pasted all of it. I also tried to make hime seem annoying. Yellow, have a look.
I may not be Co-GM, but I do see a possible problem here:
The main one is the fact that the Zorua pokespiritallows him to transform into things he’s seen. The most noticeable change inappearance in pokespirit form is his small Zorua tail and slightly longercanine teeth.
One thing to note is that Humans cannot do what their pokespirits are unable to, and Zorua are unable by regular means. They can only do illusory transformations, and as far as canon goes (ie Pokedex entries) they are not known to transform into anything other than humans and pokemon, and it's not been noted that they actually have to transform into things that they've seen before (in otherwords, it is likely based on the creativity of the Zorua). I say that this is a possible problem because it really depends on Yellow, making my post rather redundant, but it would be wise to specify how the transformation works.

Another thing, why do you say that kids who went to Coronet never came back? Granted, it'd be rather unsafe for a child to go from Eterna to Coronet (I doubt any good parent would allow that, especially with how dangerous the world is compared to how it was Pre-purge). Disregarding this, however, nothing happened to them, really, other than the gaining of pokespirits. I could really see any child leaving Eterna never coming back for pretty much any reason; there's nothing so special about Mt.Coronet that's common knowledge that would entice several children go there from Eterna (except maybe for religious purposes). If you are going to make it so that children from Eterna leave to go to Mt.Coronet specifically then you need to establish a good reason for it; though, I don't think you could do that without conflicting or interfering with the established Pokemon Fallout canon.

Again, I'm not a GM, but it's something to keep in mind.
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