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    The verge of the forest loomed before Victoria, the sounds issuing forth from it’s depths both foreign and inhuman. The other girl stood at her side, poised to go search for any signs of the now missing Kelsey. Victoria hoped nothing had happened to her, a whole list of horrific fates now running through her head that the poor girl could have encountered.

    “I’m Victoria, by the way.” She said absently, her gaze still unwavering from the seemingly impermeable frondescence. The other girl gave a small nod. “Bliss.” She responded.

    “Well Bliss, I guess we should get started.” Victoria reached for her belt and pulled off two Pokeballs. She gave them a gentle toss and out came Pixie and Bubba, each yawning in harmony. She knelt down to their level, giving them a quick rub. “Hey you two, you know that girl I was talking to earlier? Well, she’s in this forest somewhere and we have to find her, ok?” She asked in a falsely put on cheery tone to keep them calm.

    The Pokemon hesitated for a second, each processing their own personal chagrin. “I know it’s scary guys, I’m scared too. We just can’t leave her out there. How would you feel if I was the one lost in there all by myself?” She argued convincingly.

    Pixie thought it over for a minute, suddenly put her nose to the ground, and attempted to catch some sort of scent. Victoria knew that Pixie was no Growlithe when it came to scents, however it had to be better than going in completely blind and without any sort of assistance. The little Vulpix seemed to catch a whiff of something, what it was...well... Victoria had no idea. Pixie took off on a brief bound, with Bubba bumbling behind.

    Victoria knew not to let her Pokemon get too far ahead of her. She held her breath and took one shaky, apprehensive step into the forest. She brushed some of the lower hanging branches to the side and took another step, and another, and another. The forest, seemingly aware and displeased with her presence, unleashed a barraging maelstrom of uproarious howls and wailing. Victoria bent over, cupping her hands over her ears. The noise subsided for but a minute.

    Pixie came bursting through the underbrush. “Pix, Pix!” She yipped, beckoning her onward.

    OOC: TrainerBliss, I hope you don't mind I went ahead and had Bliss give me her name. I didn't want to have to write some awkward introduction situation while time was of the essence. If you want me to change it I will. :D
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