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    Pokemon Theme: Dialga
    Name: ALAINA
    Info: ?
    Specific Sprites?: Eevee,Seel,Persian,Empoleon,Floatzel,Vaporeon
    Other: ?
    Trainer Sprite: Female DP Trainer Sprite

    If You Can,Put The Text " Team In Training " On It.
    i had a dream that i could fly,...
    i can feel each moment as time goes by...
    we'll never be too far away,
    you would always be there, i heard you say...

    i never thought, thought that,
    it would be our last goodbye...
    i still can dream, that one day,
    love will fall out from the sky.

    do you still remember?
    all the time that has gone by...
    do you still believe that,
    love can fall out from the sky?

    if, from where you're standing,
    you can see the sky above...
    i'll be waiting for you,
    if you still believe in love.