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    OK, so, more info on the platypus Pokemon!
    Name: Perripus
    Species: Secret Agent Pokemon.
    Type/s: Water/Fighting
    Pokédex Entry: Perripus is a secret agent, but he likes to laze around in ponds in his spare time. He seems to like wearing brown fedoras.
    Ability/ies: Quick Feet/Intimidate
    Gender Ratio: 100% male, 0% female.

    Yes, it is a WIP, but I want to be the one to finish it so I can display it in my wonderful gallery of cool sprites Failmon instead of my suckish pillowshade flower whose name I am not going to mention. So, no touchy~

    Also, the colours are there to remind me what part is what.

    And yes, Perry the Platypus is from Phineas and Ferb.
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    Third time's the charm, right~?