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    How is there 2 versions of this? Whats the differences?

    I have some poorly designed graphis in my game too... Reassurance that you are willing to listen and you will get better...

    I'm with everyone else, try not to use original characters as your mains, with different names, try to create your own, or even get help, some people are willing tho whip up a quick character and throw it your way, IF, they see this game as promising... Using a LASS however as a story lined character should be avoided...

    The thing about custom regions is, it is not a redesign of anything, it's completely new;

    Main characters
    Gym Leaders
    Town/city, names

    Try and keep it unique...

    Take a second and look at your map when you've created it, it's unlikely this or these, games will ever get finished when you're redoing everything you've already done, map errors are horrible and bad mapping is worse than that, there is nothing worse that a building you've got to use a bicycle to explore, make the maps smaller...

    The list of problems could probably go on and on and on, but, take all this critism and turn into making your game better, this is your first project, why ttry and make 2 games when you're failing at lot's of other things... This will not be completed for a while yet, take your time... I can't imgaine how much all the bad reports have made you feel... It's only help in the long run...

    Nevertheless, someone did say make the game how you want it, do that, I believe a poorly designed game, with a good story, plot and eventing, makes the bad graphically designed part irrelevant... Some prefer graphics, you can't please everybody!
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