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    Originally Posted by Mrchewy View Post
    The Platinum battle system sounds really interesting - especially to a fellow Essentials user ^^. It'll be quite an achievement if you manage to complete it.

    Best of luck, game looks like it's got potential. Just a few questions: what exactly is the difference between the new Storage system and the old one? Also, the plot is a little confusing; why exactly is Team C.A.T. torturing and training people?
    The old storage system has commands like Move, Release, Shift; the new one has Warp, Dismiss, Swap. It has a new interface unlike in RSE, that's why I call it new. I'm planning to make it 100 boxes. In the Bibbur-Si Continent, Team C.A.T. kidnaps Trainers to build a huge army to capture all the legendary Pokemon and rule the whole Pokemon world under an extremely strict rule without giving freedom to any Trainer. Any Trainer who is kidnapped, who disagrees Team C.A.T., will be tortured until the tortured Trainer agrees, that's why.
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