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Sydney Florencia Ramirez

Sydney spread her arms wide and turned her face to the sun, eyes closed, as she took in a deep breath of her new surroundings. It had been a long voyage from the Unova region but she was finally here at The Pokémon Trainer Academy! A place where she could feel free to pursue her dreams and embrace a new beginning, a place of untold possibilities, somewhere that she could fina-

“You’re blockin’ the way girly, move it or lose it,” a surly teenage boy grumbled as he shouldered past her position at the bottom of the blocked gangplank.
“Oh, sorry, sorry, uh, right, moving! Sorry!” She staggered out of the way, finally letting the crowd of impatient people behind her past. She had stopped as soon as her feet hit the ground of Oak Island, making it almost impossible for anyone else to get off the boat. She stumbled to a stop a few feet away and adjusted her satchel bag. Almost all of her belongings were being carted up to the Academy for her but that didn’t mean she was going to walk around without a few essentials! Besides, it gave Miko somewhere comfortable to sleep outside of her pokeball. She pushed some of her blue highlighted hair back behind one ear and looked around to get her bearings. Things were starting to get crowded with more and more people shuffling down the gangplank so she started to move away from the boat. There were people and Pokémon shouting instructions that the Academy was… uh… that way! It made sense that the first thing she should do would be to figure out where her dorm room was and make sure that everything had arrived safely. That was going to be her base of operations going forward after all – battle central!

With a big grin plastered onto her face she started walking towards the Academy. She was sensibly dressed for the day in a long sleeved purple tee, short cut denim jacket, a floral print summer skirt cinched with a brown leather belt and matching ankle boots. At least that was what she felt was sensible attire – she didn’t really know exactly what she was going to get up to! But she was well prepared with a bag full of pokeballs and potions, ready to finally actually catch her first Pokémon. She adored her Pachirisu Miko of course but if she wanted to call herself a real Pokémon Trainer she was going to have to catch some Pokémon rather than just being given them. And to finally have real battles – the thought alone made her grin even larger.

There were no shortage of battle opportunities in Castelia City of course but she had always felt like her parents wouldn’t approve of her getting involved in those kinds of activities. Her father was a Pokémon Researcher after all, and her mother a Musicals Co-Ordinator who had come a little too close to being swayed by the rhetoric of Team Plasma a few years ago for Sydneys’ liking. Here though she would be able to battle as much as she wanted, finally starting the long road to becoming a Champion like some of her heroes. Cynthia and Diantha - someday her name would be held up alongside theirs. It was going to be a good day to start this next chapter in her life. She could feel it.

As she made her way onto the road leading from Oak Town to the Academy she looked out onto the grassy plains flanking her route. Could she see the grass rustling from the movement of a wild Pokémon or was that just her anticipation getting the better of her? She thought about plowing straight in there to see what she could find but Miko was resting in her bag, a little out of sorts from the long boat ride, and who knew what would be waiting for her in there? It made sense that the Academy would make sure the really dangerous Pokémon lived a bit further away from town and the school grounds than this but you never knew… and even the smallest and most innocent looking Pokémon could be incredibly dangerous if you weren’t properly prepared. Better to leave it until after she was settled into her dorm room and had the lay of the land.